Our credo: openess (strategies, media, talent). Our approach: simplicity. Our fuel: reality. We use strong ideas to maximize your powers of persuasion. After immersing ourselves in your field and analysing your products, we develop trigger strategies and messages so that consumers recognize your brand and embrace your messages. Whether printed, digital, audiovisual or event-based, with Pied de Biche your communication is all about results.


Creative Hotshop established in 2007, Pied de Biche adapts to your needs. And not the other way. Around the ten-strong agency team is supported by a network of partners (companies, freelancers, consultants) working together in project mode. Since the beginning we have been part of independent agencies, Thenetworkone, for working on global campaigns (United States, Asia, Middle East etc.).


Our founders Jean-Marc Ferraro (CD) and Raphaëlle Danos (GM) are surrounded by a diverse group of professionals of varying ages, backgrounds and cultures. A multidisciplinary and close-knit team. A gang with an entrepreneurial spirit. Our team members include Sophie, Laurence, Aurore, Mylène... Christophe, Julien, Clément, Jacek. Each of them is a master of efficiency. The commitment we share? Every euro invested in your communication goes towards your communication.

Dassault Systèmes
We defend the decompartmentalization thanks to an innovative solution of corporate social network with Dassault systèmes.


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